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For our clients we deal with project activities within following areas

Development of IS/ERP

Project support in defining basic parameters, development process, set range and conditions for testing of partial outputs, verification of accuracy in evaluation, client integration into development for UAT and handover

Are you developing a company IS / ERP? Have you stopped at a dead end? Are not you sure you are doing well? Do not have enough capacity? Do not you know if you have all the necessary roles for the project? How to verify the accuracy of the development process? Are you paying what you do? Do not you know how to retrospectively evaluate the project? How to learn next time? All this, and not just that, are aspects of projects within IS and ERP.

Implementation of IS/ERP

Comprehensive project support from A-Z - coordination of your internal environment versus supplier

The decision to re / implement ERP / IS into a company is a process in itself. 
You need to clarify what solution you are looking for - what is the purpose - the reason why you want to re / implement you want to deal with which agendas / modules you need to use, you need to clarify what is most important in your selection, who you will need in your realization, re / implementation is employed and how much it should cost to match not only your requirements but also the degree of willingness to invest

RPA setup

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) - process analysis and implementation of implementation projects

RPA in many forms is now a common part of many processes, not new. 
It is essential to know how to correctly select and implement different RPA tools today in the society ecosystem so that its potential can be fully exploited. The whole process is a clear overview of process steps, identifying RPA requirements as well as understanding RPA's benefits throughout the company. 
The consistent implementation of RPA will then allow you to monitor the acceleration of your processes, eliminate manual interventions and errors, reduce costs and, as a result, efficiently and fully serviced client...

Implementation of performance measurement tools

Identify key parameters to measure your employees performance and efficiency, set metrics, and comprehensive reporting

If you have employees, you need to know how effective they are, how much they contribute to the company's productivity, how it affects revenue and, ultimately, profit. You want to track the cost item compared to the benefit of each individual.
Then it is ideal to design a solution that links performance indicators with financial...and you are clear.

Mapping and Process Optimization

Process mapping, optimization / automation suggestions, process procedures, guidelines for guidelines, approval procedures

From time to time, it is desirable to find out if you are doing unnecessary activities - whether they have added value for the whole process, or just do not know how your activities / processes work.
You want to know if there is scope to simplify some activities - just a few steps to do just a few atp.
For this purpose, you need to know how to properly map your internal processes and define those activities that can be simplified and automated - thus reducing the cost of securing them and slimming them into less robust and complicated...
Or, just want to know how it works, where to whom and what to whom, what it gets in what form and why - at least the process map would not be missed

Deploying BPM tools

Selection of BPMs according to established criteria, implementation and supervision of its functioning

Whether it's a solution implementation across all business processes, or you need to cover only some of the agendas, you need a comprehensive view of both the BPM tool selection for your needs and the integration of all the necessary components within the company. Projects of this type require not only the Project Manager and the Implementation Coordinator but also the need for a product specialist. We have in this area too

Implementation of IoT

Internet of Things - Projects within the development, selection and implementation of IoT within the company

Whether you have developed your own IoT or just need to coordinate your implementation within your company, we know what is speaking. What needs to be watched, how to grab the action at the beginning and evaluate it after it is over. Internet of Things is not new to us ...

Changes in organizational structure

Company Changes, Changes in Ownership Structure, Sales of a Company or its Parts, and Other Forms of Changes in Organizational Structures of Companies

Changes in organizational structure are happening and happening 
Whether it is a relatively simple change in organigrammes or is the cause of a change in the ownership structure, the division of companies, the sale of part or company as a whole, complex projects with overlapping process, financial personnel and legal agendas.
Each step is defined by a specific timetable and each is a set of clearly defined outputs ...
Every such project is an important milestone for a company that determines its further direction.

Process Screening / Measurement of Efficiency

Process screening / Audits of roles distribution in teams / Measurement of the effectiveness of individual departments

Whether for you, set up greenfield processes, or just need to "blow up" long and unchanged procedures, you are looking for the cause of an increasing number of support functions and want to control the cost of them, or just need to find out if some activities are being duplicated or even they are not counterproductive.
Then there is a quick form of intensive process screening on the way to find out the realities and identify opportunities for correction .... You will find out how your processes, people, and costs are precisely interconnected and together we can find room for improvement.
We are sure that once a year at least one screening in any company means a certain saving in finances. 
At the same time, it teaches employees to accept change as part of corporate culture

Data warehouses

Implementation of corporate data warehouses with all the necessary links and links to existing systems and applications. Realization of reports, selection of reporting tool.

You are dating and the dates with which you work! You interconnect and control them. 
You want to be sure that in your reports you have everything right to say that you are actually working with data that has a declared value - then it is time to solve the data base, the data structure, the links between them, the links with other systems, the form and frequency of the reports, their hierarchy and transparency .... Data is the basis, we like to pay attention to them in the first place!

Employee "Improvement Platforms"

Setting up platforms for implementing Best Practice Sharing"

You ara running a business, you have a lot of ideas and your colleagues / employees as well. You would like good ideas to be done to generate added value for everyone you and your people are working with. How to ensure that people want to share their ideas, participate in their realization and feel more part of the company, motivate and integrate in its direction? Set up a platform to share ideas, evaluate them, realize the best, involve the author and reward - it makes miracles :-)


GDPR - guidelines, process adjustments: one-off consultation or comprehensive GDPR solution

The General Data Protection Regulation certainly does not need to specify what is going on today. All you need to realize is two things: 
1, GDPR can not be ignored 
2, each company works with personal data or with sensitive personal data

We are able to manage your GDPR project from start to finish in order to ensure that we analyze work with the data in question in the shortest possible time and with the minimum effort of your employees and to propose solutions for internal processes and procedures so that everything is in line with the regulation. 
Considering the need to understand the issue, we work with experts in this field, including: Premium Systems, s.r.o.

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